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I'm the same anon who asked about the letter to your past self and I'm. That was really beautiful and considering that at the current moment I'm feeling really down, it's really helpful, so thank you for that.

You really don’t have to thank me at all! I really do hope that you’ll feel better though, from the bottom of my heart

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Dear Past Me...
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I will write about the following, leave one in my ask box.

Dear person I hate,
Dear person I like,
Dear ex boyfriend,
Dear ex girlfriend,
Dear ex bestfriend,
Dear bestfriend,
Dear *anyone*,
Dear Santa,
Dear mom,
Dear dad,
Dear future me,
Dear past me,
Dear person I’m jealous of,
Dear person I had a crush on,
Dear girlfriend,
Dear boyfriend,
Dear [insert URL here],

Dude this sounds fun

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I’m fond of how Ness arrives on scene in smash bros via teleport… why don’t they just put him in ssb4?? gosh

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I feel like re-doing my OLD eb fanfic all of a sudden…

its really really lame though

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Imagine your icon being your sole companion in the zombie apocalypse. They have all the powers they have in the movie/game/show they’re from.

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My Onett/Earthbound/Mother 3 themed town on Animal Crossing

…I’m a HUGE nerd.

EDIT: Uh here’s the info(if you want to go, i mean it’s not quite done)

Dream Address - 4600-2108-8299 Town - Onett 

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Did I mention I’m a huge nerd?

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In celebration of the 25th anniversary I’m probably going to just go into crazy-mother-drawing mode for a few days

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